How To Shop

Maximize Your Savings

At Better Than Before we absolutely love  giving buyers the best possible price for quality items!  We use our 22 years experience and lots of research to make sure we maximize our consignors’ earnings while still giving our customers a great bargain.  Our screening process includes a close evaluation of  brand, style and condition to ensure that our shoppers are getting a LIKE NEW shopping experience without the NEW price.

Our inventory rotates quickly and stays fresh due to our progressive reduction pricing system.  While pieces in our showrooms are under a 90-day consignment period, they do have automatic markdowns every 30 days to ensure the consignor has every opportunity to sell their pieces before the consignment period has expired.  And what a great way to offer even better savings to our customers!  Shoppers are privy to all the future markdown pricing as it is printed clearly on each item’s tag.

  • Should I wait?
  • Maybe it will be here when I come back.
  • I’ll just wait till the price drops and then come back and get it.

These are frequent questions asked – but let us remind you of a statement we frequently  hear:

“I knew I should have bought it when I saw it!” 


Be A Smart Shopper
  • Shop often! New pieces arrive every hour so shopping weekly can feel like your visiting a whole new store everytime!
  • Know your brands! Make sure you know what you are truly saving. It will actually impress you.
  • Read the tags carefully to know the current price. Be prepared to ‘buy now’ or take a chance by waiting for a price drop.  Buy Now or Cry Later!
  • All Sales are Final. Please inspect your item carefully before making your purchase.
  • Monitor the New Arrivals section on a regular basis in our online collections, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Visit our Clearance Rack (in-store) for outstanding deals. Shop our Clearance category online.
  • Create a web shopping account. This allows you to create a personal online Wish List, be notified of price reductions on items and create favorite searches.
  • Join our email list or text club  and get the inside scoop on special sales, promotions, and new arrivals.
  • Download our Better Than Before Resale free mobile App through Google Play or the App Store. This gets you even MORE inside information and you’ll be able to SAVE with our Rewards Points System!
Let’s Play Fair with Markdowns
  • The new price is not valid until the store opens at 10:00am on the date of the markdown.  We do NOT markdown individual items early.
  • Phone orders for markdown items will be not be accepted until 15 minutes after opening. This policy is in the interest of fairness, as priority will be given to those who make the effort to come in to the store.
  • Holds are not allowed to be placed on items on the day ‘prior to’ or the ‘day of’ a markdown. Actually, we do not hold any item overnight.  We feel our “no holds” policy is respectful to our consignors in an attempt to give them the full 90-days of showroom time their contract states.

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