Consignment Questions
How is my price determined?
Can I tell you how much I want for an item? You are certainly welcome to tell us if a certain item has an above-average value.  It always helps to know the retail price of an item.  We are happy to try to accommodate our consignor’s desires when possible, but ultimately we must depend on our 22 years’ experience and knowledge of market values in the resale industry.
Will you mail my check?
Yes, we will gladly mail a consignor’s check with a SASE or a $1 mailing fee.
Can I get my hangers back?
Yes, if you tell us initially when you bring your items in, we will gladly save and hold your hangers for 24 hours.  Hangers not picked up after 24 hours will be discarded.
Can I “drop & run?”
Yes, of course.  Be aware, however, that items from a “drop & run” that do not meet BTB’s evaluation process will automatically be donated to charity unless other arrangements are made in advance.
Can I get my unsold merchandise back?
We will gladly pull any unsold items priced at $20 or more at the end of the 90-day contract.  Consignors, however, are required to call and give us a 2-day notice in order to allow time to get the items ready for pick-up.
Can I use my balance to make purchases?
Absolutely!!  Anytime.
Do I need an appointment?

If you have 25 items, no appointment needed. Walk-in during our Consignment Hours of:
Monday – Thursday 10:30 am – 4 pm
Friday No – No Intake this day.
Saturday – 10:30 am – 2 pm
Sunday – closed

Please make an appointment for more than 25 items:
Cullman: 256-739-3550
Decatur: 256-351-0666

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please call us on 256-739-3550 or 256-351-0666

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